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Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) Questions Answered

What is the role of IFA?  Independent Financial Advisers should provide independent financial advice on your pensions savings, investments and equity release on your property if you need some cash later in life. The is an argument that everyone needs an IPA. They can become your personal 'go to' stockbroker and general financial fixer. That is why I would suggest they you find one in or around Douglas or at least within Isle of Man. I would not recommend one miles away or never answered the phone. Another good way is personal recommendation. Ask a friend. Your IFA will be an important person in your life. You need to get them right!

How do IFA make money?
Some IFAs are on commission and others charge. Many people believe that if they are to be truly 'independent' they should not have a financial relationship with the funds that they recommend their clients to invest - as their advice will be biased in favour of the funds which pay them the best commission. The way to avoid this is to ask them and then pay them a fee for their financial advice. 

How do I find an IFA? Have a look below at the list of IFAs around Douglas. They are reviewed. Personally I would create a shortlist and simply visit them personally. There is nothing like knowing your IFA. That is the advantage of having a local one


Investing for beginners

This is a serious video about investing in the stock market. Crucially you will end up with realistic expectations.

My father was a stockbroker. The only thing that ever annoyed him were banks. Currently their 'interest rates don't even cover inflation! Personally I have got very keen on 'tracker funds' which simply track the stock market and are very cheap and usually perform as well or better than investment managers or stockbrokers - who are seldom cheap! You will often end up with a London or large city based firm rather than one around Douglas let alone Inglewood Hotel ! However this does not matter. I have seldom met my stockbrokers. This said have a look below for financial advisers and stockbrokers that we have found with Isle of Man.

Good luck! 

Independent Financial Advisers IFAs

Island Financial Solutions Limited

3rd Floor, 33 Bucks Rd, Douglas IM1 3DE, Isle of Man – 01624 614618

Financial Options Ltd

10-12 Prospect Hill, Douglas, IM1 1EJ – 01624 612611

Independent Financial Consultants

37 Ballanard Road, Douglas IM2 5HB – 01624 671679

Capital International Group

Capital House, Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1AG, Isle of Man – 01624 654200

I really enjoy going in this huge building!

Investment Companies - Business Angels

Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited

Standard Bank House, One Circular Road, Douglas IM1 1SB – 01624 643643

My son who is with your bank has been desparately trying to get a reply regarding his online transfer account. He is a yachtie crew member in Monaco (Teone Ngahina Capper). Could someone please help him as he needs to sort finances back in NZ. Kind Regards Sandra Whakatau.


Moore Fund Administration (IOM) Ltd

Victoria Rd, Douglas, Isle of Man – 01624 661020

Moore Management Ltd

International House, Castle Hill, Douglas, IM2 4RB – 01624 661020